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Murray Fraser – (Director of Finance and Head of Volume Services) Murray joined Breeze & Wyles Solicitors LLP in 1995. Experienced in the delivery of dynamic IT systems, Murray focuses on scalability, flexibility and process systemisation. In 2003, Murray created the Breeze+ Legal Solutions arm of Breeze & Wyles Solicitors to deliver to institutional clients competitively priced, efficient and quality services. He maintains the overall management responsibility for breezeplus+ Legal Solutions with our Central Administration function reporting directly to him. Murray was admitted as a Notary Public in 2001. Follow Murray on LinkedIn at Contact Murray if you are interested in our volume remortgage or conveyancing solutions.

Brendan O’Brien – (Director and Head of Recoveries and Insolvency) Brendan joined Breeze & Wyles Solicitors LTD in 1996. He specialises in bulk debt collection, arrears management and mortgage litigation services to financial institutions and commercial clients. He provides this service using our leading edge case management, reporting and tracking systems to provide hi-tech legal support. Brendan was admitted a Notary Public in 2005. He has also been appointed the Marketing Director and Head of Company Commercial and Corporate Recovery across Breeze & Wyles Solicitors LTD. Follow Brendan on LinkedIn at Contact Brendan if you are interested in our property recovery, debt recovery, and insolvency support services.

Malina Gupta – (Director of Human Resources and Employment) Malina joined Breeze & Wyles Solicitors LTD in 2000, becoming a Director in 2006. She has over 10 years of experience in personnel management.   Since joining us, Malina has had a significant impact on the development of our teams and workflows for the supply of volume legal services.   Malina ensures that the firm's staff continually delivers the highest quality legal services and client care through training and IT solutions.  Malina considers the practical and commercial requirements of her clients to ensure that they take the most appropriate course of action prior to or at the time of an employment issue to minimise their exposure to risk and avoid potential claims.  In conjunction with the HR Manager Malina also specialises in the delivery of outsourced employment services to corporate and business clients. Contact Malina if you are interested in our Out Sourced Employment or Housing Association services.

Adrian Toulson (Conveyancing Team Manager and Solicitor) Adrian joined Breeze & Wyles Solicitors LTD in September 2009. Since joining Adrian has had a positive affect on the development of service quality to volume conveyancing work suppliers such as Banks, Building Societies, Estate Agents and Brokers. Promoting a need for service quality, communication and innovation Adrian has had a dramatic impact on our achievement against service targets of all of our referrers. Contact Adrian if you are interested in our volume conveyancing and property related services.

Martyn Bateman – (Practice Manager) Martyn has been Practice Manager since the start of 2000.  Martyn’s has the responsibility for running the administrative support function of breeze+ Legal Solutions including the Case Advisory Team, IT Department and project management. Contact Martyn if you are interested generally in the services that we offer or where have a need that is not currently met in the Legal Services market.

Stephen Blake – (HR Manager) Stephen joined the Breeze & Wyles Solicitors LTD in 2002, to develop the firm’s HR function. Reporting directly to the Director of Human Resources he is responsible for all the recruitment needs of the business, as well as all other aspects of HR Management at breeze+ Legal Solutions. Stephen is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Zac Macwhinnie – (IT Manager) Zac joined Breeze & Wyles Solicitors LTD in 2012. He is responsible for the day-to-day running of the our internal/external networks and future development and planning of our IT infrastructure.

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