Murray Fraser – Chief Operating Officer

Murray joined Breeze & Wyles Solicitors LTD in 1995. Experienced in the delivery of dynamic IT systems, Murray focuses on scalability, flexibility and process systemisation. In 2003, Murray created the Breeze+ Legal Solutions arm of Breeze & Wyles Solicitors to deliver to institutional clients competitively priced, efficient and quality services. He maintains the overall management responsibility for process design and improvement at breezeplus+ Legal Solutions. Murray was admitted as a Notary Public in 2001. Contact Murray if you are interested in our volume remortgage or conveyancing solutions.

Adrian Toulson – Legal Compliance Officer and Head of Conveyancing Services

Adrian joined the firm in September 2009. Adrian is a very highly regarded and experienced property lawyer who specialises in site development work. He heads up our moving home team and ensures that we deliver high quality swift conveyancing transactions for our customers.

Adrian is responsible for developing and maintaining key relationships with financial advisors , estate agents and lenders and for ensuring we deliver the very best home move experience. Contact Adrian if you are interested in our volume conveyancing and property related services

Brendan O’Brien – Chief Executive Officer

Brendan joined Breeze & Wyles Solicitors LTD in 1996. Brendan was admitted a Notary Public in 2005. As CEO, Brendan is responsible for the management and supervision of all service delivery lines and for the delivery of Breezeplus+ Legal Solutions strategic business goals.

Brendan is passionate about maintaining and enhancing the business’s strategic relationships and ensuring the delivery of high quality customer services.

Follow Brendan on LinkedIn at Contact Brendan if you are interested in any of our legal services.